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  • UNLIMITED Access to Q&A Support on Messenger: Having a marketing or mindset conundrum you'd rather not figure out in front of the whole Facebook group? No problem! Send a private message to our Team NerdyGirl page and you'll be hearing back shortly. 
  • Weekly Marketing and Mindset Exercises: Every week, we'll be giving you specific things you can do to power up your mindset AND your marketing, so we can all stay accountable and grow together as a group.
  • Weekly Check-Ins from Team NerdyGirl: Because NOBODY should have to navigate the madness of entrepreneurship alone, you'll be hearing from us every single week just in case you're the type who needs help, but sometimes feels too shy to ask for it. And don't worry-- if you reply, we WILL be responding shortly to help!
  • Monthly "Snail Mail" Letters from Me: Wanna be my pen pal? Well, you're GONNA be, because I'll be hand-writing and mailing you a letter every single month (ok, I admit, it'll be a COPY of a handwritten letter... but still, written by me) and I'll give you the UNFILTERED TRUTH about what's really going on in my business and life-- AND I'll give you my address so if you want, you can even write back!
  • FREE Surprise Gifts in the Mail: The longer you stay a member, the more cool stuff I'll send you. You'll just have to wait and see what's in store!
  • TWO Audiobooks, Narrated by MOI: Just in case you want to "skip to the good stuff" and get my WHOLE ENTIRE PHILOSOPHIES on marketing and mindset right NOW, you'll get my audio recordings of "Personality Marketing: Join Your Industry's A-List by Embracing Your Inner Nerd" AND "The Crisis of the Ordinary: What to Do If You Secretly Wish for More Than What You've Got" as soon as you enroll. 
  • Exclusive access to my “Brittany's Besties” Facebook group: Want a safe space to get feedback from your fellow nerds on your videos, website, sales copy or overall game plan? Look no further!
  • ...and so, SO much more! Our goal is to constantly be adding more and more helpful features and fun surprises to this community, you'll NEVER want to leave!
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Brittany Bullen, Head Nerd,

Brittany has helped hundreds of family-first entrepreneurs make money on their own terms by combining their passions with solid business and marketing skills-- WITHOUT going insane in the process.

Whether she's changing lives, publishing books or working with her team of brilliant nerds to provide marketing strategy and services for business owners, her mission in life is to help awesome people sell more stuff, serve more people and just plain be happier.
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