"It's kinda like having a whole team of marketing and mindset coaches on speed dial..."
Upgrade your marketing 
AND your mindset. 
Join Brittany's Besties today!
Brittany's Besties is my exclusive 
online success coaching community...
...and it's awesome.
*Just $97 $27 a month if you JOIN NOW!* 
*No commitments, no hidden fees. You can cancel any time.*
HINT: Getting what you want is not NEARLY as complicated as you think it is... 
Your success in any area of your life will depend on 1) your marketing, and 2) your mindset. Here's what I want to to know about those things:
My name is Brittany Bullen and it's my mission in life to help you create the marketing AND the mindset to get everything you've always wanted. Read on to find out how I plan to do that...
So, Here's What You're Getting:
UNLIMITED Access to Help From Team NerdyGirl on Facebook Messenger
Having a marketing or mindset conundrum you'd rather not figure out in front of the whole Facebook group? No problem! Send a private message to our Team NerdyGirl page and you'll be hearing back shortly. 
Monthly "Troubleshooting" Coaching Video
Drop a comment in my private Facebook group about whatever you need help with and I'll make a video addressing as many people's needs as I can. This will happen every single month!
Monthly Skills Coaching from Brittany
There are some really specialized skills that every entrepreneur needs to grow a successful business. That's why each month, I'll share a new training video and make myself available in the Facebook group to help you with one of our monthly themes/skills: CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, STRATEGY, PRODUCTIVITY, DESIGN, STRATEGY, NERDINESS, EFFICIENCY, LEADERSHIP, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and CUSTOMER JOURNEY. 

Weekly Check-Ins from Team NerdyGirl
Because NOBODY should have to navigate the madness of entrepreneurship alone, you'll be hearing from us every single week just in case you're the type who needs help, but sometimes feels too shy to ask for it. And don't worry-- if you reply, we WILL be responding shortly to help!

Monthly "Snail Mail" Letters from Brittany
Wanna be my pen pal? Well, you're GONNA be, because I'll be hand-writing and mailing you a letter every single month (ok, I admit, it'll be a COPY of a handwritten letter... but still, written by me) and I'll give you the UNFILTERED TRUTH about what's really going on in my business and life-- AND I'll give you my address so if you want, you can even write back!

FREE Surprise Gifts in the Mail
The longer you stay a member, the more cool stuff I'll send you. You'll just have to wait and see what's in store!

TWO Audiobooks, Narrated by MOI
Just in case you want to "skip to the good stuff" and get my WHOLE ENTIRE PHILOSOPHIES on marketing and mindset right NOW, you'll get my audio recordings of "Personality Marketing: Join Your Industry's A-List by Embracing Your Inner Nerd" AND "The Crisis of the Ordinary: What to Do If You Secretly Wish for More Than What You've Got" as soon as you enroll. 

Weekly Marketing and Mindset Exercises
Every week, we'll be giving you specific things you can do to power up your mindset AND your marketing, so we can all stay accountable and grow together as a group

...and so, SO much more!
Our goal is to constantly be adding more and more helpful features and fun surprises to this community, you'll NEVER want to leave!
Do you ever wish somebody would just tell you "Do this... then this... then this..." 
so you never had to worry aboutwasting time doing the wrong stuff?

Well, look no further, my friend, because that's EXACTLY what I'm about to do...

No YouTube video, Podcast episode, Blog Post or “Signature System” is going to make you an overnight success.

And here's why...
As entrepreneurs in the digital age, most of us are pretty much figuring things out on our own...

Which is fine when things are going well, but when things go wrong?

Stuff like...
  •  People click, but don’t buy 
  •  Ad campaigns bomb
  •  Cash flow dries up
  •  Offers don’t sell 
  •  You suspect you’re in the wrong business and want to make a change
  •  Engagement suddenly tanks 
  •  Emails aren’t getting opened
  •  You fall into a shame spiral and want to quit
How are you supposed to know what to do?

And here’s the thing… 

You started this business in the first place because you wanted to make a difference in people’s lives...

But how are you supposed to do that when it feels like YOU’RE the one who’s barely keeping it together?
Try closing a big sale when you‘re so deep in your OWN money issues, you can barely open your mouth when the time comes to tell them the price!

Good luck with that world domination plan when your biggest fear is spending $100 on ads and not making it all back that same day...

How do you deal with that stuff unless you have someone you trust to talk to about it?
Every day, I get messages from entrepreneursall over the world
who tell me how much they need my help,
and all I want to do is help EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM have big success!
That's why I created this membership-- 
to make sure we had something
to offer to EVERYBODY who comes my way,
no matter what their financial situation looked like.

We'll be giving you the EXACT SAME ADVICE
that people pay me 
thousands of dollars a DAY to hear...
except, because you'll be getting it via here,
you'll get it for a FRACTION of that cost!
"So Wait... What Is This?"
This is NOT a course... it's a monthly membership for entrepreneurs who want marketing and mindset coaching WITHOUT the hefty price tag.
Have you ever wished you could have a quick "second pair of eyes" on something, or have a little help with a mindset conundrum... but you didn't have the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a qualified coach? 

I know I have!

One of the hardest things for me about business when I was getting started was that there just wasn’t any way to find solid strategic help that worked a) for my schedule, and b) for my budget.

All I wanted was to have an expert take a look at my stuff and say “you might want to tweak this and that, then you should be good...”

Whether it was an ad I was writing, my website, or just my social media strategy in general!

There’s just nothing like 1-1 human conversation (with someone who knows what they’re talking about) when it comes to building a successful business, amiright?

That’s why I knew I wanted to create something for you that wasn't just a crap-ton of content for you to sift through and get overwhelmed by, but something that gave you access to REAL PEOPLE who could give you the specific “two cents” you need, when you need it. 
I also wanted to make sure that this kind of support was accessible and affordable - so you don’t have to do what I did and take out an embarrassing amount of credit card debt to get it.

OK, So… what does it actually LOOK like?
Here’s a little story of a way this could look for you.

Imagine you’re staring at your facebook page wondering “WHY in the world is nobody seeing this content I’m BUSTING MY BUTT to create?” 😫😫😫

So you send a message to the Team NerdyGirl facebook page and drop a link so we can go check it out. You wake up and check your inbox the next morning to see that we've taken a look and come up with some ideas for how to 1) make it better, 2) get it seen by more people, and 3) make sure it actually makes you money. 

And you’re like, “DAAAAANG! I got even more than I asked for!”

And we’re like, “YUP.” ‘Cause we’re so nerdy about your success, we just can’t help ourselves. 

Imagine what it would be like to go from...
  • Trying to "BE EVERYWHERE and DO ALL THE THINGS" to only having to focus on a few things, and knowing they're the RIGHT things for you
  • ​Not knowing who to turn to for help, to having your own personal "business concierge" to talk to any time you get stuck
  • Falling down an endless YouTube rabbit hole to having somebody tell you EXACTLY where your focus should be so you can stay productive and save TONS of time
  • ​Feeling totally alone as a business owner to feeling like somebody actually cares about what you're doing, and is checking up on you every week to prove it
  • ​The usual "online course Facebook group" where you're lucky if you get a response from anyone, let alone someone who knows what you're doing, to having direct access to ask your marketing and mindset questions and ALWAYS get an answer
  • ​Feeling like you're going around in circles, getting NOWHERE to having a clear plan and a path to follow that is WORKING, and (more importantly) works for YOU
*Just $97 $27 a month if you JOIN NOW!* 
*No commitments, no hidden fees. You can cancel any time.*

Can we talk for a sec about something sad, though?
ALL the TIME, I hear from entrepreneurs who've bought SO MANY courses, spent SO MUCH on coaching, and still have practically NOTHING to show for it.

Well, we here at Team NerdyGirl think it's about time somebody gave you what you ACTUALLY needed... instead of more of what you don't.
Who is this for?
  • ​Service Providers
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Course Creators
  • ​Realtors
  • ​Network Marketers
  • ​Brick and Mortar Store Owners
  • ​Ecommerce store owners
  • ​Makers of cool stuff
  • ​Freelancers
  • ​Everybody who has a business, pretty much...
Who is this NOT for?
  • ​Gerbils
  • ​Potato people
  • ​Turd burglars
  • ​Babies
  • ​People who don't use the internet
  • ​People who don't like happiness
  • ​Trolls
  • ​People who sell products or services that are EEEVIL
All you other folks, though... it's for you.
Are you DONE with all the guesswork?

Are you ready to figure out your marketing
with somebody who's been around the block long enough
to know what's a GOOD use of time....
and what's a WASTE of your time?
*Just $97 $27 a month if you JOIN NOW!* 
*No commitments, no hidden fees. You can cancel any time.*
Whether you’re brand new in business or have been at it for years, YOU ARE LOSING BIG MONEY if you haven't yet mastered the 4 selling systems I mention in the video on this page.

Isn't it about time you figured out, ONCE AND FOR ALL, how to grow your business like the pros do (instead of chillin' out in ROOKIE TOWN forever)?
Five years ago I started a NerdyGirl.co, which was originally a “done for you” online marketing company. 
But aside from having a background in writing, the truth was... I had no clue what I was doing.

I really really REALLY wanted to help our clients succeed, but I was ALWAYS second guessing myself... 

🖥 Is blogging still worth the time and effort?

🦄 Which social network is best for this market?

🎥 What sorts of videos will help my clients make the most money? 

💵 How do I help them actually turn a profit if they want to run paid ads? 

😬 What do you do if your marketing efforts stop working (or never even work to begin with)?

I HATED using the “spaghetti method” with people I cared about... just throwing noodles against the wall and hoping SOMETHING would stick.

I knew that there HAD to be a better way... 

So I decided to use my OWN business as the “guinea pig,” so to speak, and went out and spent money getting pretty much every form of marketing and mindset help I could find.

After a TON of super-expensive trial and error, I'll tell you what I found out...

About hiring an agency... 
Don’t get me wrong. Some marketing agencies are AWESOME, but the good ones cost a LOT to work with...

...not to mention that before they'll even take you on as a client, they want to see that you have an offer that converts predictably and a funnel that’s ready to scale.

And if you don’t know what those things mean, you probably don’t have them...


About hiring a coach... 
This is a perfectly lovely option (of course I say that, right? ‘Cause I AM one now)... but I’ll be the first to admit that my 1-on-1 time comes with a serious price tag. 

That’s what happens when you’re so good at what you do, you have to double your prices several times over just to keep up with demand... just saying ;)

About the "reading blog posts and binging YouTube" method...
It's not a bad option...

if you know what you’re looking for. 

If you don’t, this option can easily become a massive, time-sucking rabbit hole that leaves you even more confused and info-overloaded than you were before you started. 

Plus, everybody/every business is different, so what works for one person might not work NEARLY as well for you.

About taking online courses...
Courses can be super helpful when the timing is right, but how do you know if any particular course is actually your best next move...

...or just an expensive distraction from doing what you already KNOW you need to be doing?

Not to mention, what are you supposed to do when you realize that no matter how shiny and new that special method might look, there actually ISN’T a “secret sauce” or magic wand you can wave that will suddenly make you an overnight success...

...and you finally get that the ONLY “secret sauce” that actually matters is YOU?

How will you, once and for all, become who you need to be to get everything you’ve always wanted?

Do you actually WANT to figure this stuff out, or would you rather be like most people and keep feeling like crap every time you have to scroll past yet another 22 year old Insta princess who’s supposedly making $92,385 every month just for existing and being cute? 🤮


I’m guessing that what you ACTUALLY want is to join Brittany's Besties.
What exactly IS the "Brittany's Besties", you ask? Well, I’ll tell you!
Brittany's Besties is a CRAZY-affordable monthly membership where you’ll get regular inspiration, encouragement, strategy, clarity and even private support via Facebook messenger, directly from me and my team (affectionately known as Team NerdyGirl, because we’re OBSESSED with helping you succeed). 

Let me tell you a little story about how it could help you improve your results. 📖
Imagine you’re sitting at your computer on a Monday morning, trying to figure out what to do with your work time this week to keep that fabulous cash a-flowin’ like a river...

Except, you did that thing again. 

You went down the rabbit hole and watched another webinar, and now you’ve got shiny object syndrome and want to scrap everything and start your whole plan over from scratch… again.

But since you’re a bestie, you’ve now got a better idea. 

You pop on over into the “Brittany’s Besties” Facebook group and SPILL YOUR GUTS about the situation (knowing we’ve all been there before) and you feel better already. 

A couple hours later, you check back in to find a) some much-needed mindset advice from me, and b) some solid strategic input about what your best next move should REALLY be. 

Satisfied, you get back down to business, comforted by the thought that you don’t actually need another two thousand dollar course, because the blog post we dropped in the comments covered exactly what you needed (without your having to lose precious time sifting through a whole bunch of other crap you DIDN’T need). 

Later, after you’ve had a super-productive day, you’re feeling SUPER nerdy, like you want to take your content marketing game to a whole new level. 

So you post one of your new videos in the group and get a bunch of (super nice, but also super helpful) advice on how to make them even better in the future. 

You go to bed feeling SO RELAXED knowing that you know EXACTLY what to focus on in the week ahead, instead of doing what you used to do— spend hours binge-watching various people’s free content looking for answers, endlessly second-guessing your every move as a business owner.

Sound like a nice way to feel at the end of the day? It is…

Are you ready to say YES yet?
If so, I'll see you on the inside...
*Just $97 $27 a month if you JOIN NOW!* 
*No commitments, no hidden fees. You can cancel any time.*

there's more!
As soon as you join us, you’re going to get:

🎁 Your first FREE pen-pal letter from me (I’ll even give you my business P.O. Box in case you want to write back!)

🎁 A FREE surprise piece of bonus swag in the mail (you’ll just have to wait and see what it is)!

🎁 Not one, but TWO free audiobooks, narrated by yours truly

🎁 Weekly “to do’s” designed to sharpen your selling skills and strengthen your mental muscles

🎁 Weekly accountability check-ins via email and/or Facebook messenger from a member of Team NerdyGirl

🎁 Access to our “marketing/mashed potato hotline” on Facebook messenger — for those times when you’re stuck or spiraling and you need to talk privately with an actual human you can trust

BOTTOM LINE? Brittany's Besties is marketing and mindset coaching like nothing you’ve ever seen before, at price that’s going to make you go… 

“SERIOUSLY? What’s the catch?”

The catch is this:

I want you to sign up and have such a great experience, you won’t JUST love us forever… you’ll tell all your biz besties to do likewise.

And that’s not even the JUICIEST part of my super-secret hidden agenda. 

You see, I want to help you be SO successful that someday in a couple years when I say to you “dude, how about you buy this awesome new coaching package from me so I can help you make a play for WORLD DOMINATION, that’ll be $25k please...”

You’ll be like “Heck YEAH, Brittany! That’s Chump change!”
What do you say?
"I say, HECK YEAH, Brittany! Let's DO this!"
*Just $97 $27 a month if you JOIN NOW!* 
*No commitments, no hidden fees. You can cancel any time.*

Ready? Click any pink button and we'll get you started right away.

Each week, we'll be checking in on you to make sure you have everything you need to succeed... 
and make sure to keep your eye out 
for LOTS of fun surprise bonuses we'll be sending your way to keep you motivated as you go!
P.S. If you're still reading this...
If you're still hesitating, just remember-- if at any time you don't LOVE it and want to stick around,
just let us know and you can cancel your membership-- no questions asked!

But really... for this low of a price, you should easily be able to get 
WAY MORE than your money's worth from your membership.

Trust me. You'll see. ;)
*Just $97 $27 a month if you JOIN NOW!* 
*No commitments, no hidden fees. You can cancel any time.*
NOTE: You'll be able to cancel your membership at any time, but no refunds will be given for past months. Results are not guaranteed, but we promise to do our very best to help you sell more stuff!

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